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We, as a business, have been established for 50 years. In all that time we were in the same premises in Highfields, Leicester.

In 2009, we purchased a Grade 2 Listed building in Old Humberstone and commenced renovations with a planned move in November.

As our business cannot survive without computers and telephones, it was imperative that we all moved together with no break in continuity. The move was going to be stressful enough without the fear of no IT or telephones.

We asked the advice of Infinity Communications.

We soon discovered that apart from the obvious problems, we could not take our existing telephone numbers through BT as we would be on a different exchange. Alan and his team came up with a solution, they helped and advised us throughout the renovations and the move. They co-ordinated the telephone numbers and IT and were there to iron out the teething problems, giving us the confidence and freedom to continue with our business throughout the move.

We have been in business long enough to be fully aware of the problems we were going to encounter and know that we made the right decision in working with Infinity.

They have our full support and thanks for a job well done.Kevin Pulford, PJ Alarms Ltd

…This association recently decided to upgrade its very old Merlin PABX with a modern digital system. Until I took the time to contact your company I had basically selected a supplier; however, I was so impressed with the response I received from Infinity when I requested a quotation.

Almost by return Infinity were sitting in my office, bringing with them equipment to demonstrate its flexibility and to support the detail in the glossy’s. How refreshing it was to receive a briefing from an team who clearly know their stuff…Graham Lynn MBE, Head Secretary

…We were changing from a featureline service to a switchboard, this involved communication between BT and our telecommunication provider Signum Communications.

The installation itself was fraught with mis-communication and bad management from start to finish between the two companies, leaving Infinity as a pawn in the middle.

However, one the Infinity engineers, remained extremely professional and customer focused throughout. They went out of there way to ensure that we were happy and ensured we understood what was happening…Katie Bennett

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