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CCTV and Security

If you are looking to install or upgrade your CCTV system at your business premises, Infinity can provide a range of easy to use CCTV solutions and installation services.

We can offer guidance on camera placement to maximise the coverage and efficiency of your CCTV network and will integrate it into your existing IP network enabling access to the CCTV system from network PCs both inside your business network and externally via web access, this includes in many cases mobile phone access.

Prior to installation we will deliver a clear full specification document detailing time scales, agreed works and clearly defined goals for the outcome of the work. Our engineers are fully trained through internal training and in relationship with our CCTV suppliers and manufacturers.

Our relationships with our suppliers allow us to hold a surplus of deployable spare units and parts, this ensures during installation and maintenance, optimal support times are achieved.

Infinity can also provide visual and audio door entry systems that control who, where and when people can gain access to certain rooms in the building as well as your premises on a whole. Access can be easily restricted and controlled to regulate traffic to the buildings’ main entrance or specific areas.

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