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Calls and Lines

Infinity Comms can install or take over your business telephone lines, offering reduced call charges, consolidated billing and enhanced customer service. By choosing Infinity as your telephone line provider you benefit from industry leading SLAs and improved fault diagnosis and handling. You will also be assigned your own dedicated account manager and customer service team. We are able to offer the best calls and line packages to suit your budget without compromising on quality or reliability.

We are confident that our calls and line rental packages are highly competitive and moving your services to Infinity is extremely straight forward. We would be happy to complete a free bill analysis to highlight any changes that can be made and where cost savings can be applied i.e. by cancelling superfluous lines or services. If you chose to transfer your lines to Infinity it will be carried out without disruption and will be fully organised by us on your behalf.


ISDN2 lines, previously known as ISDN2E, are used to carry data and voice communications and as the name suggests they allow two simultaneous calls to be made at the same time. Further connections can be added in pairs, with a maximum of eight channels, which will increase the number of calls that can be made at any one time. If your business requires more than eight connections then an ISDN30 would be a better option.

An ISDN2 line can reach speeds of up to 64kbps per channel ensuring that you have excellent quality and clarity on all calls


Just like ISDN2, an ISDN30 line from Infinity is used to carry data and voice communications. In its most basic configuration, ISDN30, previously known as ISDN30E provides a minimum of eight channels but can be expanded to a maximum of 30 channels on any one bearer to allow 30 concurrent calls. Multiple ISDN30s can be provided according to the size and requirements of your business telephone system.

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