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Microsoft holds firm over Google for productivity tools

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Microsoft still dominates the business productivity space, with three-quarters of respondents to a recent poll saying they use the Redmond giant’s office tools in some form for work.

The last few months have seen Google and Microsoft embroiled in an escalating battle over their enterprise credentials, with each claiming to offer business users a more complete set of offerings.

The firms have rolled out customers to back up their products, as well as both Google and Microsoft citing customers that have ditched one for the other, to try and score points in the battle.

One story in particular provoked interest, about education firm Pearson moving to Google, with scores of comments arguing over whether this was a wise decision for staff at the firm, as most claimed Microsoft has the better offerings for day-to-day business use.

This argument has been backed up by a recent poll, which asked what type of business and productivity tools are in use within enterprises, as most came out in favour of Microsoft Office, with 61 percent of respondents using Redmond software.

By comparison, just five percent said they are only using Google services. A smattering of voters, four percent, are using Office 365, while eight percent said they are using a mixture of Google and Microsoft services.

However, a fifth of readers said they use neither Microsoft or Google for their tools, suggesting that the corporate environment for IT services around productivity is more open than in the past.

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