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Crude Oil

Infinity Petrochem arranges private buying and selling of Bonny Light Crude Oil, Mazut M100, JP54 (Jet Fuel), D2 (Diesel Gas Oil).

We represent suppliers of the above commodities arranging transactions worldwide. Direct Buyers or their Legal Representatives are welcome to contact us to inquire about the above products.

Please note that we will not send any document over the internet. Our seller’s mode of practice is purely 100% bank to bank. If you wish to buy or sell your products through us please contact us online or by telephone.

To initiate any request, buyer must first send us at least a simple letter of intent (LOI) addressed to the End Seller or Infinity Petrochem indicating the product you are after. This enables us to source for and get the best pricing for your request from our list of suppliers and refineries.

It is only after we secure the right supplier for you that you are asked to issue an ICPO to the seller’s name in order to kick-start the buying process. Please note that we do not and cannot accept an ICPO issued to a third party. An ICPO sent to us must be in the name of our seller and must carry their procedure, anything short of this will be rejected.

Seller will only issue Full Corporate Offer (FCO) only after they have received an ICPO from the buyer. No FCO will be issued without an ICPO. In some cases, some of sellers will ask for a TTM with the buyer to sign contract and close the deal.

Seller’s full procedure will be sent after we have received an LOI from the buyer.

If you are looking to buy crude oil contact us for more information.

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